I like big buns…

12 Apr

So even though I am no longer employed and no longer have to face the dreaded Sunday night blues, there is just something about a relaxing Saturday that cannot be beat.  I normally wake up, any day of the week really, and methodically plan out my day…

What’s for breakfast?

When am I running?

What do I HAVE to do today?

I have really tried to stop this planning mentality because I know it just adds unnecessary anxiety and takes away from the spontaneous enjoyment of life!  So this Saturday, to begin my full-on mental relaxation break, I just stopped these thoughts as soon as they started to enter my head.  I was mildly successful in doing it, but hey, it’s a start!

I spent the morning sleeping in a little later than usual.  When I woke up, I started my day with a delicious breakfast of Plain Fage Yogurt with a Chocolate Vitatop mixed in and a hazelnut and vanilla coffee on the side (sorry no pic).  An addition of the sun and 65 degrees wasn’t bad either!  Throughout the day, I leisurely started organizing my closet into “what to bring home” and “what to leave in DC”.  Since I am leaving the majority of my furniture in my apartment  in DC until I officially move to Philadelphia (trust me it is much more economical than moving everything twice!), I don’t have to bring everything home, and have to figure out what I NEED over the next couple months versus what I just want.  I was able to complete my entire closet, which as you can see is quite a feat!  I was also able to box up a few things and clean out my entire dresser and desk!  This put a serious dent in my Packing To Do list.  What a productive Saturday for being so unplanned!

To reward myself for such a great job myself and the boyfriend, Patrick, headed over to our favorite little sandwich/salad place called Big Buns.  I don’t know how this became our sammy place exactly, but we went on whim one day and we’re just so enthralled with #1 the name Big Buns, the whole process of putting our own custom sammies or salads together, and the fact  that I got one of those nifty Buy 9 Buns, Get 1 Bun free.  Clearly these cards are everywhere, really aren’t that great of a deal, and are just given out to make you come again, but this time around it worked!  This weekend was a big deal because we got out 9th Bun on Saturday and finally got 1 free.  Whatta success!  It was 100% worth the repetitive weekend lunches to make this 1 happen.  As usual it was delicious even though they got Patrick’s order wrong 😦

I got a Portobello mushroom grilled on a whole wheat bun with swiss cheese, jalapenos, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, sprouts, and honey mustard on the side.  It was GINORMOUS but every bit a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

Patrick got a burger on a whole wheat bun (yea for whole wheat!), pepperjack cheese, pickles, roasted red peppers, and onion rings on it.  What a man burger!  He originally ordered all this with grilled chicken, but got the burger instead 😦  He still said it was delicious and lived up to his expectations.

All done & stuffed!

My Saturday finished with helping Patrick do some of his grad school homework and later heading out to meet up with a few friends at a bar called Irish Channel Pub in Chinatown (are you as confused by this mix as I am?), which was a great success!  I will definitely miss all my DC friends when I leave so I want to enjoy their company while I can 🙂

Tonight is DC’s Taste of the Nation which I have been volunteering on a committee for since November.  I am so excited to see our hard work finally culminate in tonight’s event and also happy to have it over with!  I can’t wait to share details with you about it tomorrow, but I MUST run now since I am already behind schedule.

Do you ever find yourself planning out your entire day/week/life to an annoying extent?  How do you just stop?!


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