21 Apr

So I knew blogging would be a time consuming project, but the upfront time you really have to spend on it has surprised me!  I am a perfectionist so I am playing with all kinds of themes, fonts, pictures, tags, categories, pages, blogrolls, etc.  I really want to write and its too bad the other necessary things that come w blogging are taking up a lot of my time right now!  But once they are all done and i have my blog looking and running the way I want, I will be so pleased with myself and I can just worry about the actual blogging portion of it!

So for a quick recap, I spent two days at Penn State last wk to sit on a student/alumni q&a panel for the College of Liberal Arts.  I absolutely LOVED it!  The parents and students asked terrific questions and I was able to answer so many of them.  Afterwards, I had parents, students, and faculty commend me on how well I did and how all my answers were wonderful.  It was such a good feeling!  I truly love everything about Penn State and my experiences there, so I am more than happy to offer any help/advice to the faculty, students, and prospective families!

Mom and I got in the night before and went to my FAV downtown restaurant The Deli.  They had a great new beer menu with all different kinds of beers from different, smaller breweries around the country.  Mom had 2 Sierra Nevadas (nothing too exciting) and I had a Weyerhopper from Easton, PA?? It was a good IPA beer, which are my favs when I’m just having one (or 2 in this case).  We called it an early night though bc I did have to get up at 7:30!  This was no vacay.

Since we were in a hotel, breakfast was one Fage 0% Yogurt, banana, and Splenda!  On my way to the auditorium though, I stopped at Dunkin Donuts aka HEAVEN for a medium lite latte bc I knew I would need something to hold me over until lunchtime!


The day was gorgeous and I was so busy talking with the parents and prospective students that it just FLEW, and before I knew it, it was time to head home to NY!

Since being home, I have been so productive.  I unpacked all my stuff, brought EIGHT bags of clothes/random stuff to the salvation army that was just sitting around my house – Mom and I did some serious spring cleaning!, I joined the gym here and have not missed a beat with my normal workout schedule (which I was afraid of) so I’m patting myself on the back for that one, and I have done a couple of the recipes that have been on my “to make” list for weeks now!

#1 Breakfast Cookie

Please DO NOT underestimate how wonderful this simple recipe is!  I have eaten it a couple times already, have made it for my mom, and she has since given the recipe to other people- all since Monday!  This recipe is from the wonderful Fitnessista blog and there are many versions you could make of this.  Mine have consisted of 1/3 cup rolled oats, 1/2 banana, a liberal tbsp of PB, a couple splashes of sweetened vanilla almond milk, one Truvia, and cinnamon.  All you do, is mash all the the ingredients, except cinnamon, together in a tupperware container or appetizer plate really well.  The milk soaks into the uncooked oats making it really easy to mash together.  I then flatten it with a spoon and sprinkle a ton of cinn on the top as a fun top coating.  Since I put mine in a tupperware container, I then just stick the lid on it, and let it set overnight.

In the morning, just get a spoon out and make sure your taste buds are ready!  This is absolutely TDF (to die for)!!!!  Your life will be changed…

# 2 Grilled Banana French Toast

I took some pics with my blackberry instead of my camera and they are too atrocious to post, so I snagged the pic below from the blog Healthy Tipping Point.  I got this recipe from my fav blog Runner’s Kitchen, but she originally got it from Healthy Tipping Point….don’t you just love word of mouth!  I made some personal adjustments to it, but that’s what recipe swaps are all about!

I enjoyed the banana recipe after a solid 5 1/2 mile treadmill run so my body was craving all of this!


  • 2 slices of Food for Life Genesis 1:29 bread whole wheat bread (great carb)
  • 1 organic Eggland’s Best egg, Shoprite brand, beaten (protein)
  • splash of milk and vanilla extract
  • 1 banana, sliced lengthwise and then into thirds (fruit/carb)
  • Splenda
  • cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup Siggis Icelandic Yogurt (protein)
  • 1/8 cup reduced sugar maple syrup


  • Combine egg, milk, and vanilla in shallow bowl and soak the bread
  • Coat frying pan in non-stick spray and heat over medium-high
  • Add bread and banana to pan, sprinkle tops of bread with cinnamon
  • After about 2 minutes, turn the bananas over
  • Flip over the french toast and sprinkle cinnamon on the side now facing up
  • When french toast is cooked to your liking, remove from heat, and place bananas between the 2 slices of french toast
  • Let them sit on the warm pan for about a minute on each side to solidify the sandwich
  • For dipping if interesting:
  • In a separate little bowl, combine the yogurt, syrup, Splenda, and more cinnamon

Cut in halves, quarters, or devour whole.  I enjoyed mine w a wonderfully strong Zarbar coffee!


Enjoy the recipes and please send more my way!  I’d love to hear feedback.  Even though I feel boring sometimes, you can clearly see my affection for banana, carbs, and peanut butter!


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