Play With Your Food

21 Apr

So I have officially been living at home for a couple days now, and though there are some obvious pros and cons, I must say the pros are winning.  For instance…

Pro: No RENT!

Con: Living in Port Jervis, NY (if you only knew)

I know a lot of people say their hometown is boring or there’s nothing to do or no one lives there anymore, but I am slightly convinced that my hometown could, hands down, beat anyone’s hometown at that game.  Coming from a lifestyle where I was working 50+hrs a week in Washington, DC to living in a town w a population of about 8,000, the best place, and arguably only place, to shop being TJMaxx, while not even having a job is a definite culture/lifestyle change!  Its funny though, how past Lauren would have never thought future Lauren would find herself in this position.  Yet here I am living, and dare I say, ENJOYING it!

While I love city life and the fun and excitement about urban living, I have genuinely missed the simplicity of the small town life I grew up with.  Towards the end of living in DC, I was feeling very overwhelmed with the day to day routines of life in a city.  From the public transportation commuting to the crowded streets to the expensive living/eating/drinking – you get the point- it was all just getting to me.  So coming back to the “country,” a simpler lifestyle, and cheaper cost of living is something I know my mind and body were craving!

Already, I can tell how much happier and less stressed I am becoming in my new (slash really old) environment.  Another major pro about moving back in with mom…

SHE PAYS FOR GROCERIES!!  So believe you me, I stocked up on all the expensive health food items I had to ration when living on my own.  And now I don’t feel guilty about picking up the not-so-healthy, but fun and still necessary, food items since I know its not my money being rationed for it!  Lots of great veggies, fruits, legumes, proteins, and grains, and even better snacks!!

So with all this new food, I couldn’t wait to get to cooking and EATING it all 🙂

Breakfast yesterday consisted of 2 over-easy eggs on top of a 100 cal sandwich thin, and the obvious topping of srirachi sauce.  I just couldn’t help myself with the picture below…apparently living in the house I grew up in has reverted me to my 7 year old self, and I am NOT complaining!

I enjoyed it with a fresh brewed cup of coffee–> the only evidence I am only the age of 20.

Later in the day, I headed to the one and only gym in my town.

Pro: Cheap gym membership

Con: The gym is outdated, needs a SERIOUS dusting, and has zero of the amenities we’re all used to in our city gyms

I set out for a good treadmill run.  My IT Band has started to hurt a little, and I saw a physical therapist about it who gave me great exercises for it, so I figured a longer run on the treadmill would be better right now than outside.  All in all I set a new distance PR for myself!! 8.25 miles!  There were days when  I couldn’t even get to 2 miles, so getting to 8.25 without too much exhaustion is such a personal triumph for me.  I know for many runners this distance isn’t too impressive, but no matter the PR, it always feels good when you set a new one 🙂

With all that running, I couldn’t wait to get home and eat some more of my new (and free) groceries.  Since I wanted something fast, I threw together a black bean pita sammy.  One Morningstar spicy black bean burger (TDF), lots of avocado (good fat), red onion, salsa, spinach, mushrooms, full-fat cheddar cheese, all stuffed in a ww pita….HIT THE SPOT!  Clearly, I added plenty of srirachi sauce in the pita and on the side for dipping.  While I waited for this to heat up, ya know the WHOLE 5 minutes, I snacked on 1/2 a delic Fuji apple I had leftover.  The pic doesn’t give my lunch justice, but I was in a rush to eat it.

Mmm, mmm, mmm.  My muscles and stomach were feeling great after this one!

Does setting a PR ever get old?  What’s your fav one?!


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