Hump Day aka Snack Day

22 Apr

I’m not sure if my “day after appetite” is a true physical or just a mental reaction after  a long run.  Like I said, 8.25 miles is a new PR for moi, and I didn’t take in that many more calories than normal during the day.  I have slash am getting better at really listening to my body about when I’m hungry and what it wants.  In the past, I have definitely had issues with eating too much and not eating enough, neither of which is good for anyone, physically and mentally.  So I listened to my body and ate when I was hungry and stopped when I wasn’t, but the calories just did not make it far enough w my revved up metabolism!  I woke up at about 5 am absolutely ravenous.  I laid in bed for a while hoping it would pass and I could just fall asleep, but when an active girl is hungry, you gotta eat!  I sleepwalked my way to the cabinet and pulled out a Kashi granola bar.  These new versions of their granolas are soo delic!  Though the pumpkin isn’t what I want in the springtime, it will be a staple in the fall months.  Next time, I’ll stick to the dark choco coconut ones – seriously, like eating a 120 cal dessert!  Here are the remnants of my mid sleep snacking…

For breakfast I had a solid breakfast cookie (hungry Wednesday Lauren was so happy with night before Lauren) and a coffee, but that just did not hold me over either!  Before noon, I was hungry again, and I just could not tell how hungry…like was I fully-meal hungry, small snack hungry? So I tried an apple…

and trust me that did not work!  So then I tried ww toast w/ PB, which worked for about an hour.  Finally, I realized I just needed lunch!  Today lunch was a ww wrap w/ balsamic marinated tofu (which I made), lots of spreadable goat cheese, dried cherries (great for runner’s joints!), spinach, cabbage, red onions, and some sliced carrots.  I topped it off w more balsamic and some spicy mustard on the side for dipping.

Quite delic!  I have never made this before, but one of the many reasons I love using wraps is the endless amount of weird stuff you can throw in them for a smorgasbord of a meal, all neatly wrapped up for easy eating 🙂

After digesting, I headed to the gym for an easy 4 mile run since my muscles weren’t feeling too ready for another long one.  And actually, I could have gone longer as far as my endurance was concerned, but apparently I did not wait long enough for a full digestion and my stomach was killing me throughout the entire run.  I said that I was allowed to stop at 4 miles and I did immediately!  Next time, I’ll know that after eating that much food before mid-afternoon, digestion will take a little longer than normal.  Tums soon followed my afternoon run.

For dinner, I made Quinoa for the first time.  I have had it before, but I never made it myself, and let’s just say that a little goes a long way when boiling those little suckers.  I have leftovers for a few meals.  In the mix tonight was quinoa, with asparagus, onions, garlic, and tomatoes that were sautéed w some EVOO.  I mixed that all together, threw in more balsamic dressing, and topped w feta!  Cooking the quinoa was the hardest part, and clearly it isn’t hard to “stir occasionally,” the patience is the hard part.  But now that I have this amazing grain base to work with, I’m excited about throwing together fun and easy dinners the rest of the week 🙂

Do you ever find yourself ravenous the next day after longer than normal runs?  How do you satisfy your bottomless appetite?


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