Bulk is the way to go

24 Apr

Happy Friday!!  I’m sure everyone else out there is looking forward to the weekend just as much as I am.  To start my day yesterday, I had stove top oats sans PB!  Do you believe it?  I don’t know what it was but my stomach didn’t want something so heavy.  I opted in banana and strawberries instead and mixed half water and half sweetened vanilla almond milk to give it a creamy fruity taste instead.  It was a good change up for today, but I know PB will be back in circulation soon enough!

Yesterday must have been my day o’ experimental recipes because for lunch I tried up a new Chicken, Peanut, & Slaw wrap.  It was pretty easy to throw together and was a really great fun lunch option.  Though I rarely get bored with the variety of my turkey or tofu salads and wraps for lunch, this one has an asian taste to it which was a little bit more exciting than the norm.  I will definitely make this again for a healthy & PB infused meal though I may make some small changes next time around- I’m not sure exactly how, I’m sure it will just depend on my taste-buds at the time! Pictured below, clearly with srirachi sauce on the side!  I’ll put the recipe up later.

Right after lunch, I received a wonderful little surprise in the mail!  Ok, it wasn’t exactly a surprise since I did order it, but I wasn’t expecting it so fast.  Via Hungry Girl I received a discount code for buying a variety of chocolate VitaTops online.  I have been meaning to try these for months, but my grocery store is always sold out of the chocolate flavors and I wasn’t sooo into buying any of the Bran flavors.  Luckily, I recently bought the last 4 pack of the chocolate flavor at my grocery store, and was instantly hooked!  I found that these little treats were the most perfect guilt-free after dinner/pre bedtime snacks.  When I ran out (which was fast!) I found myself searching the fridge and pantry for something and ending up so disappointed because all I really wanted was a VitaTop!  I decided that buying in bulk was def the smarter, easier, and more economical way to go with the Hungry Girl discount. The package was 4 different chocolate flavors (5 each) and 2 “free” Chocolate VitaHearts for $29.99 w free shipping.  Now I must say the free shipping sold me, so I went ahead and ordered.  Hello deliciousness…

VitaHearts – So cute!

Another successful bulk story…my quinoa!  This grain is going a long way.  In the mix this time around was quinoa, balsamic marinated tofu, LOTS of goat cheese (mmmm), spinach, and a new cherry berry dried fruit blend – it consisted of regular raisins, golden raisins, dried cherries, and craisins.  What a perfect blend of tastes.  This is definitely a combo I’ll return to!

I must run for now!  Dinner with my mom is on the horizon tonight.  We’re trying a rustic restaurant in Pennsylvania tonight which I’ve never been to!  Very excited 🙂

What is your favorite item to make/buy in bulk?!


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