A Stress Free Monday

3 May

Happy Monday Everyone!

As we all know Mondays are supposedly the most stressful day of the week.  More health related incidents occur on Mondays than any other day of the week, and most of these health issues are stress related, if not stress induced!  So I want to start off today with a quick clip from this morning’s Dr. Oz show.  If you are a health nut like I am, then you may already be familiar with many of these helpful hints, but I don’t want to presume anything and have you all miss out, so enjoy!  Don’t underestimate the power of stress reduction 🙂

Dr. Oz’s Stress Proof Your Body in 5 Steps

Yesterday’s run was my very first track workout.  I did it outside because the temp’s were finally starting to cool down by late afternoon, but about mid way through the sun was out gleaming down on me and my sweat factor was exponentially increased haha.  I did a quick jog to the track (about 1/2 mile) then alternated every lap (1/4 mile) between a fast pace and recovery lap.  Now back in the day I ran on this track and I can remember pushing myself to complete a single mile!  Since I was doing a semi-speed workout, I set out with a shorter than normal distance in mind and completed a 3 mile run on the track.  It wasn’t easy since I was definitely pushing myself during the speed laps, and add in the heat!, but the relative ease of completing 3 miles felt AMAZING when I compared it with past times on this track.  It was a true testament and PROOF of where my hard work has gotten me! I completed my 3 track miles in about 24 minutes, bringing yesterday’s total mileage to 4 fun & sweaty miles 🙂

On a completely separate note, I also have to share/vent about something I overheard this weekend that really got me angry!  I overheard a woman I know having a conversation about food when I was out this weekend playing on my computer.  She is a smart and professional woman in her 30’s.  Looking at her you would think she is an average sized, healthy woman, not overweight by any means but also not “skinny.”  Unfortunately she, like many people, was giving very unsound health info to her friends, yet was very confident in this bad advice that she did come off to an unknowing person as a knowledgeable diet and exercise guru.  On top of this, she also brought attention to herself by bringing up “how little she eats.”  During the span of her conversation, I heard her reference  how doing anything less than 30 minutes of cardio a day does nothing for the body so she doesn’t bother, how anyone eating over 1500 calories a day is just asking for weight gain, how all she had to eat today was an apple (mind you it was 4 pm), and don’t worry because her Sketcher Shape Ups are going to help her get the perfect body instantly!  And the sad part was that anyone could tell by the expressions and comments from those with her that all the other beautiful women she was with were eating up this info and incorporating this unqualified misinformation into their health and exercise do’s and don’ts 😦

Clearly I am not by any means an expert on any health, exercise, or nutrition subject, but I do know the basics and I can recognize the WRONG in many people’s health mentality.  As many of you readers know, doing any cardio can be great for our mind and bodies!  Especially when you consider some very speedy people out there who have no problem completing 4+ miles in 30 minutes.  Everyone’s calories needs vary depending on activity level, age, sex, and our natural chemistry!  Some days I may not take in over 1500 calories (though I couldn’t recall when that would be!) but most of the time I am well over this limit and am a very healthy body type.  I know I am a very active young female, but there are so many young girls who would hear this info and cut their calories in an unsafe & unnecessary manner because of stigmas associated with calorie intake, like the one I mentioned above.   And lastly, if you’re trying to “brag” about how little you eat, it is not cool, impressive, smart, or safe to eat nothing but an apple all day.  In fact you’re slowing your metabolism down so good luck with the extra fat storage once you do eat.  Any eating plan, whether you are trying to lose weight or not, should involve plenty of healthful eating throughout the day.  I just hope this type of negative food and exercise hearsay doesn’t affect too many more smart and beautiful, yet impressionable people.

Ever come across a conversation, article, etc that gave really unsound health/diet/exercise advice?  What was your reaction?


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