Do It Yourself

4 May

I am a big fan of local, home-grown, organic (you know all the adjectives) food.  And since the majority of this type of food is fruit and veggie oriented, I have been thinking for months now how I could grow some of these things myself!  Surprise, surprise though, months have passed and I am JUST getting around to it.  (We will not include the Basil plant I bought at Whole Foods that died because somehow watering it every other day was just too much work.)  Better late than never I suppose!

Anyway, back in February I found a wonderful How To on No Meat Athlete’s Blog and bookmarked it.  So I was happy with my past self this week when I finally got around to my first attempt at home growing!  I decided to use Mung Beans this time around.  Here is what I started with..

I only used 1 tbsp of the Beans because I wasn’t sure how large they would get.  About one week later, this is what I have:

They are officially ready to eat!  I plan on enjoying them tomorrow with a good hummus, veggie-maybe falafel?-pita.  Can’t wait 🙂  I’ll be sure to take some pics and report back tomorrow!

For a quick running update, I have set a couple PR’s this past week also!  Last week, I ran for a total of 40 miles!  Holy jeez…I’m pretty impressed at how well I have been able to transition to more of a running workout routine rather than switching off to the elliptical or bike.  I also set a new distance PR on Monday – 9.2 miles!  Go me! I never thought I would be one of those people who could run that far, but now that I started successfully tackling the mental hardship of long runs, I am able to push my body harder than I would have ever thought!

Today I did a relaxed 6 miles outside.  My IT band was a little sore, but I came home and did some stretching with a resistance band and it feels better tonight.  Lets hope it stays that way!

It’s now off to enjoy some late-delivered girl scout tagalongs.  What luck?!  Again, better late than never…

What are some of your favorite and easy DIY’s?  Sprouting is just the beginning for me!


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