Lauren Runs on Dunkin’

5 May


To be honest, I can’t remember if I have ever celebrated a Cinqo de Mayo in my life.  I think I was always bogged down with finals during college (I know, LAME) and then was sucked in by work since.  So it is pretty sad that I am being drug out this evening by my 55 year old mother to a Cinqo de Mayo happy hour!  Not gonna lie though, I am pretty excited 🙂  we’re meeting up with some family friends I haven’t seen in a while so it should be a great margarita filled catching up session!

I still have to fit in a good run outside today, despite the 80+ temps, before happy hour though.  Trust me, I am NOT complaining about the perfect weather that has hit NY and the greater part of the northeast this week…perfect outside evening drinking weather.

My day started off later than I can even admit today!  I am actually embarrassed by how late I woke up even though I did nothing last night.  I was feeling kind of bored with my normal breakfasts so I did something COMPLETELY out of the ordinary today!  A couple of days ago I bought smoked salmon just because I was in the mood to, but I never did anything with it, so this morning I made a “refined” version of Lox as my breakfast.  It included 2 oz. smoked salmon (mmm), a multigrain english muffin (lightly toasted), and 2 baby bell light swiss cheeses spread on the e.muffin to act as cream cheese since I didn’t have any.  I also topped it with onion since i love onion on just about everything.  Not so bad if I do say so myself!  It was sooo delic and such a fun switch up, not to mention it packed about 24 gm of protein.  Experiment #1 = success!

After breakfast I ran some necessary errands.  I am desperately in search of a new black cover for my blackberry tour and for some reason NOWHERE is selling them.  I tried 3 cell phone stores, a Staples, and Wal-Mart and struck out at each one – I think it has to be a joke!  After a semi-successful afternoon of errands I finally put my sprouts to use for lunch!!!

I threw them in a medium salad with carrots, arugula & spinach, raisins, bbq Koo-Loos, red onion, baby bella mushroom, and balsamic vinaigrette. I also stuffed them in my ww pita with tahini, more spinach, and Veggie Patch falafel balls (I LOVE).  All in all, a major success!  I just loved eating something I knew I actually grew!! And they tasted extra healthy and crunchy.  I can tell this sprouting is going to be a regular thing.

Before my run, I snacked on a gala apple – I chose gala over my usual fiji because they were on sale.  And I had a side of Dunkin Donuts NEW Dark Roast Iced Coffee! I think this coffee came out abouuuut yesterday, which is when I had my First one and I was HOOKED!!!  I LOVE dark coffee and I LOVE iced coffees, but I usually find that my iced coffees get too weak towards the end.  I guess D&D can read minds or something because this new baby is 110% of perfection.  It was the absolute perfect flavorful chilled coffee I needed yesterday…& then again today!  You can see how Dark it is with my addition of skim milk.  I highly suggest you try it if you are a serious coffee drinker.  If you don’t like it, it’s on me!  JUST KIDDING, but I know you’ll love ❤

Okay time for my run before my very first cinqo de mayo happy hour!

I’d love to hear if there is a popular “holiday” that you never have participated in before or one that everyone enjoys and you just don’t!


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