An IT Thursday

6 May

Happy almost weekend!  Just one more day to get through until everyone’s favorite day of the work week!  Even though it is not quite the weekend, there is NO complaining about today and the beautiful weather NY had today.  Mid 70’s, light breeze, no humidity= 🙂

Now the day did not start off like this.  I was out running by 9 am this morning with a very dreary, gray sky filled with clouds BOO.  Throughout the hour I was out, it sprinkled a little here and there with maybe a solid 30 seconds of rain at any given point.  I was debating whether or not to wait for the rain to pass, but I am very happy with my decision to man through it since it didn’t even rain!  This morning’s run felt really great up until about the last 10 minutes.  I could tell my IT band was bothering me, but so many times the minor pain I have just goes away as I run, but today that feeling did not leave.  I did a little bit of a quicker run because my body felt up for it so I am not sure if this is what could have aggravated it or not, but with about 10 or less minutes left in my planned hour run, I had to literally STOP running because it was bothering me so much.  I knew I could push it and also hurt myself more, but instead I decided to walk the rest of the way.  I came home and did some resistance band stretching specifically focused on my right leg (where the pain was).  I also remembered seeing a yoga video on Runner’s World so I decided to try that also – I figured anything is worth a try!  I used the video below to incorporate some new stretches for my IT band and it honestly feels a lot better already.  The first pose that the instructor does is the one I felt targeted it the most.  Let me know if it works for you!  I ended up doing about 6.6 miles total today.

For lunch today, I ate outside and enjoyed another creation using my home grown sprouts!  My sandwich consisted of tofu, tahini, sprouts, arugula, & slices of a homegrown tomato –->holy yum on homegrown tomatoes!  I enjoyed all of this on 2 pieces of multi-grain sprouted bread = absolutely delic 🙂  I paired it with an Oikos plain greek yogurt also for added protein.  I think this meal will hold me over well.

And I cannot forget my wonderful lunch buddy today Sadie!

Time to go run more necessary errands for a big trip I have coming up!  More about this tomorrow 🙂  Get excited because its HUGE!


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