My last hooraaah?

7 May

Happy Friday All! I hope everyone had a tremendous end of their work week with plenty of fun weekend plans in the mix!  My boyfriend Patrick is coming to visit me in NY this weekend and I have some fun things lined up for us!  Amongst the normal plans with home town friends I have made, we’re going to head up to Basha Kill Vineyards in upstate NY tomorrow afternoon.  I have heard rave reviews of this winery and it really isn’t too far from where I live, plus they have tasting for $5!!!  Um, I’m there!  Now I am a HUGE wine lover, but Patrick really hasn’t found any wines that he enjoys drinking- he is SO much more of a beer guy, which I love about him, but I am out to convert him a little to my whino side 🙂  I am really looking forward to this afternoon trip!

One of the reasons Patrick is coming to visit me this weekend, besides the fact that he just loves me so much, is because this coming Tuesday I leave for a 2 1/2 week trip out of the country! :0  Where you ask!  Why MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA! This trip is kind of like a last hoorah before law school – even though I know I’m young and have my whole life–> thanks Mom!  I signed up for this volunteer program back in March and waited for a while to be placed and details figured out, and here I am now mid-May getting my stuff together for a 2 wk venture into the outback.  Melbourne is one of Australia’s bigger citied located in the south-eastern part of the country.  It’s about an 1hr flight from Sydney.

When I was in college I was between studying abroad in Rome or Melbourne.  The two cities are just SO different, but both had such appeal for me.  I ended up choosing Rome, which I know was definitely the better option for me, but since then it has really been a priority of mine to make sure I get to Melbourne…and here I go!  Patrick actually studied abroad there for 5 months, so I’ll have a great long distance travel guide.

It’s gong to be what I’m doing in Australia is what makes this trip so different from anything I have ever done before!  Since the majority of my peers are either poor, don’t have enough time to take off…umm yea those are the only two problems, I had to figure out a safe way to travel on my own.  So I’m volunteering with Conservation Volunteers Australia while I’m there and will be with a group of peers doing various environmental conservation projects while there.  This is literally the craziest thing I have ever done in my life!  Needless to say, I am a very nervous about this far from home and doing this kind of solo, but I also know it will end up being one of the best experiences of my life!  I just have to remember that on my 30 hour plane ride EEK!

What is the scariest/coolest thing you’ve ever done?!  How did you deal with the scary?!

For your entertainment, I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures of Melbourne…


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