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3 May

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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

22 Apr

Sign up to help promote healthy eating!!  America needs it 🙂

Next chapter please

10 Apr

So the momentous occasion of my LAST DAY on the job has officially come and gone.  I have literally been counting down the minutes until I could walk out of my law firm since January 1st.  It’s not that the law firm where I workED was a particularly bad place, in fact, I love so many of the people I have worked with and know that I will remain friends with them for years to come.  On top of that, working in a this law firm solidified 100x over the fact that I definitely want to go to law school!  It was just the actual position I held at the firm that drove me insane in so many ways.

I went into the position of Legal Assistant with more of the “legal” part in mind, when in fact my job was a little too “assistant” heavy.  I worked for a wonderful group of attorneys who were intelligent, polite, and thoughtful, which I know is more than most legal assistants can say about lawyers they work for.  I came in to my job wide-eyed and ready to learn all about legal research/jargon/dealings etc etc etc. and I did get a little dose of this, but mainly my job ended up being a combination of secretarial duties, which just happened to take place in a law office, and personal assistant for the “big shot” lawyer I worked for.  I’m sorry, filling out your personal health insurance papers and faxing your travel agent details for your next trip to Mexico wasn’t exactly what I was expecting when I took this job.

Now I am full aware of paying my dues as a young female right out of college, but with absolutely no room for growth in my job, the day-to-day tasks mentally drained me, and the working world left me feeling unfulfilled, under-appreciated, and slowly getting dumber by the day!  With no real challenge or project to work on to show my skills and knowledge, I felt like I was losing a part of me.  I knew this was not going to change anytime soon, so instead of sitting around and sulking about it, I made a plan of action and decided to quit my job early and use the couple of month before law school to do things that made me ME!

So yesterday was my official last day and the whole day was kind of surreal.  It wasn’t until I was putting my pen away at about 5:45 pm did it hit me that I would no longer have to sit in this cubicle aka “cube” again.  It was definitely bittersweet to say goodbye to so many wonderful people, many I may never see again 😦 but I didn’t even cry (and I’m a crier!) when leaving because I know it is the right decision.  I am so happy I took an active role in my life and happiness and made this move.  I am also soooo looking forward to what I have planned over the next couple months (details to come later) that it is hard to be sad.  Now the people I am closest with at work and have become my best friends in DC, I know their goodbyes will be tear-filled over a couple of glasses of vino, but that isn’t until Monday night…so let’s hold off!

I don’t think anyone is out there (yet!), but have you ever done something a little selfish for your own sanity/happiness? Feel guilty?

Me at my cube on the last day 😦

Last cup of Flavia at work (I will not miss you!)