On to the fitness part!  I have never been the athletic type and it was not until college that I even began going to the gym on a semi-regular basis (1-3 times a week).  After college and the lingering Sunday (Wednesday, Friday, Saturday) hangovers, I actually consider fitness a fun and enjoyable activity!  I never thought I would be one of those people who “recreationally” went for a run or to the gym, but the Type  A personality in me holds true, and I officially find a good workout a great stress reliever and fun activity!  I am excited to keep you updated on how this new relationship progresses!

Upcoming Race:

ING 1/2 Marathon, Philadelphia, PA September 19, 2010 (first one!)

Training Schedule:

April 11: 5 easy miles on treadmill

April 12: 7.46 miles run outside

April 13: 40 min elliptical, core workout, and arms

April 14: 6.59 miles run outside

April 15: OFF

April 16: 40 min elliptical, core exercise, & light lifting

April 17: 30 min elliptical, 15 min bike, serious core strengthening

April 18: 5.5 miles on treadmill in 45 min

April 19: 8.25 m on treadmill (not a FUN workout hehe) in 1 hr, 12 min

April 20: 4 miles

April 21: 5.95 miles, very leisurely paced

April 22: 3.5 miles, strength training, and core

April 23: 5.75 miles and core (two days in a row wooo!)

April 24: OFF

April 25: OFF

April 26: 8 miles, treadmill

April 27: 6.6 miles, mill

April 28: ~5 miles outside (WIND AND HILLS)

April 29: 45 min cycling, 15 min elliptical, arms and core

April 30: ~8.5-8.75 miles outside

May 1: ~5.5-5.75 miles outside

May 2: ~4 miles on the track

May 3: 9.2 miles on the treadmill; 1 hr 20 min

May 4: 6 easy miles outside w/ IT pain

May 5: 7 miles

May 6: 6.6 miles outside

May 7: 45 min bike, 1 mile 13.5% incline on treadmill, easy arms and core workout

May 8: Doubles: Part 1- 4.5 speedy treadmill miles, Part 2-  4.5 leisurely miles outside

May 9: 4.6 miles outside

May 10: 10 miles on the 10th! PR Distance

May 11: 7 miles on treadmill


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