My passion for cooking was sparked when I traveled abroad to Rome for 4 months during college.  Now, this is a girl who needed a tutorial from her mother on how to boil vegetables and scramble eggs before heading to college, so needless to say I had a major culture when I had to rely solely on my food preparation skills to survive in Italy.  No more dining halls or prepackaged meals in Rome!  I began shopping multiple days a week at our local market and picking up the freshest and most amazing ingredients you could imagine.  Items like tomatoes, eggplant, blood oranges,  mozzarella di bufala, and especially SPINACH, became staples in my meals.  The quality of my food was immediately evident and I was inspired to experiment with all the fun, new foods and flavors Italy had to offer.  By the end of my trip I even had a homemade pasta sauce recipe that other people were asking ME to give them!  I couldn’t believe it!  My cooking and recipe experiments have definitely expanded since, for better or worse, but the same passion for cooking is still there!

Scroll to the bottom to check out my recipes!


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