Mexican Breakfast Wrap



Green Pepper

2 Large Eggs

Whole Wheat Tortilla (8-10 Inches)

Reduced Fat Mexican Blend Shredded Cheese

Salsa of your choice (I also add sriracha sauce)

Salt and pepper to taste


1.  Spray skillet with cooking spray; heat over medium heat.  Add peppers and onions until tender.

2.  In a bowl, mix eggs, salt, and pepper until blended.  Pour eggs over veggies in skillet, occassionally stirring gently.

3.  Once the eggs are cooked, move them to a plate.  Re-spray pan with cooking spray and place tortilla in skillet.  Brown tortilla until it is slightly hardened.

4.  Place shredded cheese in the middle of the tortilla, move the eggs from your plate on top of the cheese and put salsa on eggs, wrap tortilla, and place upside down so it stays closed.

5.  Move to your plate and add more salsa or sriracha on top if you prefer…and I always prefer more!


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