The Breakfast Cookie

Breakfast Cookie

Please DO NOT underestimate how wonderful this simple recipe is!  I have eaten it a couple times already, have made it for my mom, and she has since given the recipe to other people- all since Monday!  This recipe is from the wonderful Fitnessista blog and there are many versions you could make of this.  Mine have consisted of 1/3 cup rolled oats, 1/2 banana, a liberal tbsp of PB, a couple splashes of sweetened vanilla almond milk, one Truvia, and cinnamon.  All you do, is mash all the the ingredients, except cinnamon, together in a tupperware container or appetizer plate really well.  The milk soaks into the uncooked oats making it really easy to mash together.  I then flatten it with a spoon and sprinkle a ton of cinn on the top as a fun top coating.  Since I put mine in a tupperware container, I then just stick the lid on it, and let it set overnight.

In the morning, just get a spoon out and make sure your taste buds are ready!  This is absolutely TDF (to die for)!!!!  Your life will be changed…


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